US002 or US001 ( / Nikolai

After finding out that this player killed my buddy Carve from 293 meters with a Lee Enfield, I decided to dish out some payback. I tracked him down from 2 clicks away and proceeded to fire on him breaking his leg and making him bleed out. A few seconds later a chat message popped up saying said player "Nikolai" was losing connection (Alt + F4ing or ending Arma II process through task manager to prevent death). Player "Nikolai" logged while being fired upon due to killing my friend. I shot him in the head 3 or 4 times while his body was still there. But he isn't coming back online anytime soon and seemingly got away "scott" free with no consequences. I feel as this is unfair seeing as you can log out if you are being shot at or seconds away from death. This is around the 5th time today this has happened with different players seemingly nothing to do to prevent it.