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Thread: Out Of Ammo

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    Out Of Ammo

    There are a lot of mixed feelings about the developer of this one, but honestly, you have to give this a go. If you skip it, you're missing out.

    This is a base defense game. You get some soldiers, some stations for the soldiers, and some buildings for a medic and engineer. Use what is provided to defend your base for as long as possible.

    The trick is managing your assets, while also jumping in to fight as one of them to defend HQ which becomes a game of cat and mouse until your ultimate demise. The longer you last, the more points you get. It's you

    against the world as there is just one global score board with scores for each map at this point in development.

    I love the nades and reloading mechanic. I love ripping that clip out, reaching back for another, slamming it in, and tearing through the baddies is so much fun. By the time I am done with a round, my heart is racing, I'm

    sweating profusely, and I have massive rug burns from dropping behind cover. It's an absolute blast to play, and is priced just right for the content you get in my opinion.

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