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    Stand out

    Yes it's basically PUBG - Battle Royale in VR !

    You have lot of fun in this early access version.

    I personally think it's a genuine product and with enough player income they'll create a decent game

    Anyway it has all the stuff you get in PUBG just on a move basic level but in VR, you get the standard island map, plane drop and looting just with less players currently 30.

    The circle moves in like in non VR PUBG and you loot and kill, simple like that.

    Instructions are very clear you need to manually reload guns once you put in a magazine or clip and you get use the VIVES menu button to leap/climp through windows, that is amazing.

    The players and other people in game are friendly enough, you can chat before the plane drop.

    Is really very early access but every single day it is better and better! So yea need to buy that game.

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