since most of you don't know me here is alittle backstory.

i love making videos, i consider them to be a hobby. and since they can take alot of work to make in some cases it wasn't much more effort to put them on youtube, so 6 years ago thats what i started doing, using my radio controlled models. as you may expect, this turned out to be very expencive, and making the videos only cost me more money so i only made about 12 videos over the next 4 or 5 years (job issues certainly didn't help)

anyway back in september i got a computer set up capable of recording game footage and so i started doing game videos on a 2nd channel, since it was alot cheaper i now have over 100 videos on that channel with many more scheduled already.

up until last week i wasn't able to do live streaming due to crappy internet upload speeds but that has now changed, long story short i now have afew games i can try and live stream and i want to give it ago, so tomorrow (friday 10 june) at around 4pm UK time (give or take maybe 20mins) i'm going to give it ago, for the only reaosn of "because i feel like it" and nothing more.

i don't expect many people to watch it but for those that will i set up a poll on the straw poll website with 5 options on it, assuming no problems which ever has the most votes is what i'll play.

the poll is here:

the live stream itself will be done on twitch, i may do one on youtube as well but for now its not working for what ever reason, the twitch channel is here:

pretty much it, if anyone here wants to watch then cool, if you don't thats cool to, end of the day its just something to kill some time.