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    The Avangers Commanders Mod download - By GamersPlatoon Team

    Welcome fellow commanders,
    We are Happy to announce that our WOWS team created GP's 1st mod for World of Warships .
    The Avengers came in force to lead your fleet to victory.

    The mod features over 30 Avenges Characters to server as commanders for your fleet ( with all "no" super powers off course ) :

    Black Panther - Black Widow - Bucky - Captain America - Carter, Peggy - Dr. Cho - Falcon - Foster, Jane - Fury, Nick - The Hawkeye - Heimdall - Hill, Maria - The Hulk - Iron Man - Klaue, Ulysses,
    The Ant man - Loki - Father Odin - Potts, Pepper - Hank - Quicksilver -Rhodes, James - Scarlet Witch - Selvig, Erik - Wolfgang von Strucker - Thor - Ultron and finally Vision

    Stay tuned for more mods coming soon.

    How to install

    Simply follow the installer instructions ::
    1- Select your World of warships folder the click next..
    2- Enjoy

    Are you a Dedicated WOWS players ? Well we are Recruiting fellow commanders

    Please head to the application form and join us today .
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