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    Under Salvation- Part 3 of the A Day in the Life Series

    If you are new to the party this is my own little universe where I'm taking the story points the developers have disclosed and adding my own twist to the events of the story and the game. This part is a little go between. It's a bit heavy and quick in the pacing to move our survivors along to the next plot points so bear with me. It'll pay off in the next part where I reveal (you might be able to guess at the end) where the guards come from and maybe that nasty mayor will eat a bullet for his part in it. Anything could happen! I do promise, at the end of this you will either laugh (perhaps a slight childish chuckle?) or simply think I'm creepy and be weirded out.

    If you need a refresher here are the previous parts:
    Part 1
    Part 2

    And as always, if you enjoyed it (or even if you didn't and want to tell me I need to do this or that better!) drop a comment. I prefer your feedback over post thanks :P

    Part 3- Under Salvation

    “Well, not getting out that way.”

    I hung my head. Smack and I watched from the treeline at the edge of the runway as guards drained the fuel from all the helicopters and planes parked there.

    Once another patrol had spotted the dead guards Smacker and I had dispatched the alarm was raised and our escape paths were blocked. Light had faded to twilight, complete night would be here shortly.

    “Only a matter of time before they find us. We’re gonna die here… like the others,” life seemed hopeless to me.

    Smack shot me a long, dark glare, “You shut your ****ing mouth Rook,” he was pissed but if he was scared for our lives I couldn’t detect it.

    “I’ll tell you what we are going to do,” he said as he unslung his VSS, “We’re going to go kill that Mayor guy. Find out what the hell is going on here.” As we’d sat watching the guards I had recounted my experience with Jim and Leonard to him. He’d taken special interest in the origins of the guard force.

    Smacker crept deeper into the treeline, I reluctantly followed.

    It felt like hours sneaking through the woods, silently cursing as I tripped over rocks and roots. Twilight turned to night as we came out of the treeline and made for a group of buildings. My ankles ached by the end of our journey but Smack never said a word until he stopped behind what I think was a restaurant. I stress the ‘was.’

    “There, next to the church,” he motioned for the large building across a courtyard.

    “That’s the Mayor’s mansion? Where are the guards?” I asked. It was almost pitchblack out but the courtyard was well lit. I couldn’t see the roof but there the courtyard and porch of the mansion was deserted.

    Smack pulled NODs out of his pack, strapped them to his head and flipped them on. I saw him crack the faintest of grins. He let out a small throaty chuckle.

    “There aren’t any.”

    Something was wrong here. The leader of the island was unprotected?

    “Rook there aren’t any lights on in that place. He’s probably not even home. Don’t mean we can go in and cause him a little grief though. I can shoot out the lights in the courtyard and we make a break for it. Ready?”

    “How are we sure this is the right place?” I asked.

    “Just trust me. Let’s get in there,” Smack raised his rifle. Four shots later the courtyard was dark.


    Both of us burst into motion. Sprinting for the front door, we bounded up to the front door and through the threshold. The door was wide open. Something was very wrong.

    “Check the study. I’ll clear the house,” Smack immediately flew up the stairs, rifle still at the ready.

    Drawing my Makarov I quickly went into the study. There were two or three bookcases, a desk with a lamp and a computer. At the back of the study was a large fireplace with a large portrait hanging over it.

    The desk was locked and the computer had a password lock on it. The books were of no use, mostly Romance novels with some history and science books. The portrait was the most remarkable thing in the room. It was the painting of a man, I assumed it was the Mayor, standing over a lion wearing a white and black suit with fedora and holding a double barreled shotgun. The title plaque of the portrait read “King of the Hunt: African Safari.”

    I continued searching for anything of use in the study when Smack rushed in, “Anything? I hope so because we’ve got to go.”

    Outside I saw floodlights crack to life and aim at the house.

    “How’d they know we were here so fast?” Shoving my pistol back into its holster I unslung my rifle.

    “Silent alarms? Traps? I got no ****in idea,” said Smack as he dug into his pack for something.

    “Intruders!” A voice on a loudspeaker shouted to us, “Toss your weapons down and come out with your hands up. You will not be harmed”

    “Yea ****in right,” Smack threw me two smoke grenades I didn’t even know he had. He pulled out two more for himself, “Throw yours right.”

    We both approached the front door, “On the count of three,” said Smack.

    “Open fire!” shouted the loudspeaker.

    “Three!” We both threw our smoke grenades and took cover as bullets peppered the outside of the mansion.

    “Go!” shouted Smack as the smoke dispersed enough to give us some measure of cover. We charged out the front door and ran towards the restaurant. We didn’t get far. A UAZ rounded the corner of the church, its gun leveled at us. Panicking I tackled Smack to the left, using the church as cover.

    I hit him with enough force to crash both of us through the backdoor of the church and down the stairs on the otherside.

    Smack was still catching his breath when I looked up to survey our surroundings.

    A small light appeared from the far wall, engulfing both of us in a pool of blue glow.

    “Virus not detected. Subjects clear to enter,” a woman’s voice said all around the room. A wooden shelf in the back of the room slid back and revealed a well lit corridor.

    “What the --”

    “No time!” Smack shot up, grabbed me by my jacket as guards came pouring down the stairs after us. Running into the corridor he mashed the control panel on the other side. I saw the door close shut as a guard raised his rifle towards us. The barrel was snapped off by the powerful hydraulics and clanged to the door.

    Smack pulled his sidearm and fired three shots into the control panel.

    “That’ll hold em. I hope. Where’d you get us stuck Rook?”

    “I have no idea,” I stared out the window next to us and couldn’t believe my eyes. Hanging on large racks were tubes filled with off blue liquid. Inside each tube was a fully clothed and equipped Salvation City guard. There were hundreds of tubes and countless rows of racks.

    “I hope they don’t wake up. Let’s find a way out of here before our friends show back up,” Smack started down the corridor.

    “I think they are robots Smack,” I said as we walked.

    “Robots? What the hell you talkin ‘bout Rook,” Smack didn’t turn as he answered my seemingly absurd assertion.

    “How else do you explain all these tubes and the way the guards talk?” I said.

    “How about we don’t make assumption without some facts?” said Smack.

    We reached a fork in the corridor.

    “Rook go left, meet back here in five minutes. Try not to make too much noise this time yea?” Smack said as he continued down the right fork.

    “Yea,” I said, going the opposite direction, “See ya in a bit.”

    More tubes in this corridor, hundreds of these soldiers. What was this place? Up ahead I saw an opening in the wall off to the right. From the room I heard a commotion and the clatter of metal striking metal.

    “I said get that away from me mother****!” I rounded the corner of the door. In the center of the room stood a man in a white lab coat and a male figure was suspended in mid air. Some of this clothes were missing.

    The male looked up and saw me.
    “Rook, jesus christ. Shoot this mother****er in the leg, get me down and for ****s sake find me some pants,” said Deez, who was much more alive than he had been on the beach.

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    Awesome story sarge. A very nice read!
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    Another great story, Thanks for the share!

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    Keep them coming!

    Join us!

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate that you are enjoying it. Next one will be ready in a few days

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