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    Origins 1.7.7 Tutorials and Manuals .

    Welcome to 1.7.7 Manual , here you will find the basics to easily navigate through the new update elements. If you need more info revert back to the release notes, Origins story and the change log.

    Items needed to build a wooden fence

    • Hatchet
    • 6 wood piles

    Items needed to build a reinforced fence

    • Hatchet
    • 3 wood piles
    • 1 reinforcement material

    Items needed to build a reinforced mud/dirt fence

    • An excavator
    • 2 reinforcement materials (must be present in your inventory).

    Procedure to build it:

    1. Add 2 reinforcement materials to your inventory.
    2. Position the excavator to approximately where the fence is to be built.
    3. Switch to the operator's seat (if manned by a single player).
    4. Select “Build dirt fence” from the action menu, a ghost model of the fence will appear. If it is green, you are allowed to build a fence in that location. If it is red, you are not allowed to build a fence in that location.
    5. Position the excavator to the exact position using driver/operator (keep in mind that the ghost model will disappear and building will be terminated if you move too far from your position).
    6. Once final position is set, switch to operator's seat (if manned by a single survivor) and press the space bar to commence construction.

    How to demolish a fence?

    1. Position the excavator in front of the fence segment that you wish to demolish.
    2. Move in to the operator's seat and select “Demolish fence” from the action menu.
    3. A red ball will appear, use it to designate which fence segment will be destroyed by placing the ball in the middle of it.
    4. Press the space bar to destroy the segment.

    Items needed to build a watch tower

    • Watch tower blueprint
    • 1 reinforcement material
    • 2 Wood piles

    A watch tower can also be demolished using the excavator.

    Building/Repairing the flying fortress

    To repair the flying fortress you will need:

    • 4 Engines (1 per cabin)
    • 4 Rotors (1 per cabin)

    • 4 Hydraulic Pumps (1 per cabin)
    • 24 Hydraulic Pipes (6 per cabin)

    • 24 Electrical Circuits (6 per cabin)
    • 2 Fuel tanks (2 per cabin)
    • 16 Scrap-metal (4 per cabin)

    • 12 Flight Computer Chips (3 per cabin) .

    • 1 Pressure carburetor
    • Toolbox

    Where to find a pressure carburetor?

    The location of the pressure carburetor is found near T353 crash site..

    Where to find electronic circuits?

    The electronic circuits needed for the flying fortress can be extracted from special cargo that where developed in the X16 lab in the Yantar facility near Prypiat’. A shipment of these were onboard a flight 353 which were scattered in midair over Taviana / Novistrsana - The best way to locate these small containers is by using radios (walkie-talkie) which can pick up signal emitted by the electronic circuits when nearby.

    Important Notes: Radios can be found at the survivors camp with its inhabitants.
    Cargo boxes are using the new Dynamic loot system , location of the electronic circuits will change in each server restart. Only 50 % of the cargo boxes will contain the electronic circuits.

    Where to find the Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic pumps can be found in old military bunkers, it was used as part of the ventilation system. These bunkers are scattered all over the Taviana.

    Important Note: Hydraulic pumps use the Dynamic loot system ,Spawn location of the Hydraulic pumps will change in each server restart. Only 50 % of the bunkers will contain loot.

    Loading a vehicle on the flying fortress

    Making sure that you have the towing rope item in your inventory; approach the flying fortress and select the “Connect towing cable to FF” action from the action menu; afterwards approach the vehicle you want to load (making sure that you are looking at it) and that you have a wheel clamp in your main inventory, and select “Load vehicle to FF” from the action menu. The vehicle will disappear and appear covered with a cover onboard the flying fortress.

    Unloading a vehicle from the flying fortress

    Move in to the pilot seat and select the “Unload vehicle from FF” action from the action menu. The vehicle will appear in the rear of the flying fortress.

    How to lock the flying fortress

    Only the pilot can lock the flying fortress if they have an EIL locker and battery in their main inventory by selecting the “Lock Flying Fortress” action from the action menu. The battery will disappear from your inventory after each use as the coder requires a lot of electricity and discharges batteries very fast.

    How to unlock the flying fortress

    The flying fortress can be unlocked by anyone who knows the password using the EIL locker. It requires 1 battery per use and must be in your main inventory. To unlock the flying fortress with it, simply approach it and select “UnLock Flying Fortress” from the action menu.

    Decoding security the flying fortress to gain access

    Say you forgot your password… or you want to steal a flying fortress. A very rare device called the “EILSC Tool” has been developed to crack the password. It requires 1 battery per try but success is not 100% guaranteed.

    Survivor Interactions
    How to surrender

    Select the “surrender” action from the action menu at any time to drop your weapons and place your hands behind your head.

    How to tie a player up

    • If a player has surrendered (is standing up with their hands behind their head), approach them and select “Tie survivor” from the action menu, providing that you have an old rope in your inventory (Can be used once per survivor)

    • If a player is unconscious, approach them and select “Tie survivor” from the action menu, providing that you have an old rope in your inventory (which disappears after being used)

    • To untie a player, approach them when they are tied up and select “Untie survivor”.

    Uniting yourself

    If you have a knife in your Tool belt, you can cut yourself loose after being tied up, by selecting the “Try to untie yourself” action in the action menu.

    If you do not have a knife, you can try to untie yourself by selecting “Try to untie yourself” from the action menu. This does not always work and will make you exhausted for a few minutes if un-successful.
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    ****. Yeah. This sounds so ****ing awesome.

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    Wow I'm going to need a book to play this mod LOL. So awesome.
    Thank me copiously and repeatedly so I feel good about myself.

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    X-16 lab, Yantar? Hmmm, reminds of the good old S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

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    Can you guys add a gate down the road to the fence that can be locked?

    I'm not sure how strong the fences are yet but I would somewhat assume that the stronger the fence the more damage it would do to a vehicle that is trying to smash it down.

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    thankyou , but all fences and no gate? how do i trap noobs????

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    So basic fences can be shot through and are easily destroyed by vehicles. Reinforced fences can not be shot through, but can still be run over by vehicles. :mad: I'm gonna guess the fences put up w/ the excavator will stop vehicles?

    Sure wish there were gates though. :(

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    Whats the advantage of "tieing" a surrended survivor up as apposed to just shooting him in the head and taking all his gear?

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