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Thread: Hacker Aceed

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    Hacker Aceed

    Server Name: INT005

    Time: 2:37 pm

    Player name: Aceed

    What happened: I was on top of a mountain at my house when the debug monitor reapears and says crashing game and then counts down from 5 to 1. My game crashes so I check the server list and the only person left in the server is Aceed. I go back into the server and surprise surprise Aceed just happens to be on top of the mountain with me with a VSS. I managed to kill him but died from my wounds. I quickly spawned in Etavanosk and got the best possible spawn to get their quickly but by the time I got back he was already on top of the mountain shooting me again, but this time on a Bus with a gun. Not only that but my Black SUV full of building equipment had vanished completely. He was alone as the server was almost empty and I had views all around.
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