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    Help me pleas! i think i need a admin to fix it :(

    Hey guys, i was baned by battleEye becouse BattleEye says Game Hack #34. I now i was baned becouse i installed cheat engine. But i never use it to hack on DayZ or Arma2. I only installed Cheat engine to level me up in a single player game. So i never want hack or any thing... im a legetim player. it's hard for me to see that the programmer of dayz origins allow this to happen. Above all, because I paid for arma 2 and I do not find it fair that they play me because of bugs destroy! I will like to play the game on. but also do not want that I have to buy new with ArmA2 above. do you have a solution for me what I could do. I do not go on real. Pls Help ME! and sorry for my bad english i came from germany.

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    Do not make new topics, I already told you to go to the ban appeal section.

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