After a short break from Origins (read: rage quit for a while) I logged on and was killed by a bug. I then spawned at Seven as a chopper was picking someone up from the roof of a hotel.

Sticking to the shadows I made my way in and up to the roof, before getting to the top I heard the blades spin down and thought I had the chance of a chopper.

Blades spinning up I burst through the doors onto the roof. Swing my makarov round and empty my sole clip into the pilot side glass.

They got away while mocking me over side they made haste their escape.

Spence picked me up in his UAZ and it didn't take him long. He picked me up at the round-a-bout which was occupied by another survivor so we didn't stick around, heading back the way Spence came.

We had only been on the move a short while when the littlebird appeared in the sky above us again. To break line of sight we made for the trees, we ended up driving to the top of the mountain and could hear the chopper closing in on us.

As the chopper came into view Spence dropped me off behind a rock and continued driving around while I made for the trees.

The chopper dropped a sniper off at the very top of the mountain. Spence and the sniper had a bit of a stand off but he soon ran out of ammo and had to retreat but he had left me with an Sa.